Audio export page Export Multiple Channels

the tick box: Export to Mono is a strange and incomplete function.
what would be way more useful (and is implemented in other DAW’s) is the function: maintain Mono tracks on export.
meaning a Mono channel/track/group is exported in Mono while a Stereo channel is exported in Stereo.
it becomes very obvious when one has to export a whole project for use in a different DAW. now i have to export the single tracks in a minimum of 2 separate processes, one for all mono tracks (usually the majority) and one for the stereo tracks and groups. pretty messy and cumbersome, especially because in the selection menu it is not indicated which tracks are mono and which are stereo.

+1, I’ve though of this before.

+1 good idea, this would be a great addition - exporting audio for separate mixing would be so much easier.

I know a fix to this. If you make the output of your mono tracks a mono group and make the output of your stereo tracks a stereo group (and route those groups then to your mix group or main output) then Cubase will automatically export the files as you wish. This also works if you have a quad track and the output of it is stereo, Cubase will bounce a stereo file if that’s what you want.

so you propose as a solution to make the workflow and routing even more complex…!!!

Just have your template setup with this in mind is what I am suggesting :slight_smile:

being able to keep channel exports mono if the track is mono and stereo if the track is stereo seems like it would be the obvious default behavior. If I want mono tracks to be turned into stereo, I can do that several other ways. I’ve seen people post frustration about this for 10+ years



But on mono groups you’ve to route it to a mono output too… :cry: