Audio Export Post Process

Does anyone know what the script for opening, for example, Adobe Audition (instead of Wavelab) on a Mac.(Cubase 8) I have tried unsuccessfully to follow the instructions from the PC instructions on a DAWLAB youtube video.


I have just found what I was looking for through @steve From his download I was able to edit my file path and reserve as a .aepp file in the appropriate folder.

see below for his ‘Reveal in Finder’ link.

Hello There infinite thanks to @steve from the community for having created the mac version of “audio-export-post-processing-reveal-open-containing-folder”! :heart_eyes:

Unfortunately the download link for this is no longer accessible so would it be possible to send a new download link ? Thanks.

I tried contacting steve about this but apparently he’s not accepting PM right now.

Also personally on my previous PC Build I had “open in audition” and “open in melodyne” audio export post processes, so I wonder how to transfer those on Mac ? Thanks a lot !!

Phew that was a while back! Here’s one of the scripts that came with a previous version of Cubase that I had on my old Macbook


Edit the line:

to the app you want to open.

/Application Support/ on Mac is analogous to \Program Data\ on Win…

(I think!) Lemme know if it works

btw, The folder on mac is in /Library/Application Support/Steinberg

Thanks a million I’ll check it ASAP ! :heart_eyes: