Audio Export queue - add "After Export" per job

I see that there’s a deliberate decision not to include “After Export” processing for jobs in the queue.

I can understand not applying it globally on all jobs in the queue but if a specific “After Export” process is saved as part of an individual job why is this a problem?

In every job queue there will be at least one job where I want to trigger “After Export” … perhaps a program to add audio to video since the Video Export is not yet usable (see resolution/encoding and file size posts). Perhaps a convert to mp3 that also adds my artwork to an mp3.

I think perhaps because After Export is going a little to far outside the programs control, it would just create issues likely - break export, performance issues, etc. I’m sure the code has some sort of verification process from one task to the next and depends on a “task completed” return message, so it is just getting too complicated to include ‘After Export’.

No more than including After Export on a single export. It’s an external process triggered, it doesn’t need to wait for any “task completed message” same as it doesn’t on a single export.

Agreed - worth investigating why this couldn’t be saved/executed for specific jobs within the queue.

I included this request into this poll about audio export feature requests:
You should vote for it.