Audio export slow


I’m running Cubase 5.5.3 on a PC with 8gigs of RAM, and up till two days ago everything was running great (well, apart from having to reduce rather than close the score editor, because otherwise I kept getting the “A serious error has occurred” message… but no-one has been able to help me with that :neutral_face: ). I’m working on a big symphony orchestra project using East Wast sounds, but otherwise no plugins. Exporting my midi down to audio was almost instantaneous, even for long sections.
Now what happens is that the export dialogue box sits on my screen for about thirty seconds, showing 0%, then it exports normally (at usual speed), then sits there for another 30 seconds at 100%. You can imagine that this slows things down hugely, since I export instrument by instrument, as soon as I have a few bars ready.
I’ve tried creating a new project and exporting a few bars, and the export is as normal, a matter of 2 or 3 seconds. So there’s something in my big project that Cubase doesn’t like.
Any ideas?

Time sig and tempo changes? If a few, could be the issue.

Thanks for your reply!
There are time signature changes and tempo changes, but not more than in other pieces that have never caused this problem.

Time sig and tempo changes do not cause a slowdown in exporting, but alot of MIDI data will.


I get similar things happening. I use superior drummer, which is very sample intensive. So my guess it is sample / disk access related. I set SD to cache ( ie load samples only when used). But if I’ve been doing a lot of editing, it might still happen. I even tried the 3GB switch.

My solution is then to close C5, and restart it. PLay the track once to load all the samples and then immediately Export ( no futzing around). Freezing all the virtual tracks also helps.