Audio export


I was wondering if there’s a function that was very time saving for me in Sibelius:
I’m writing big choir scores and need to export individual audio tracks of every voice part.
I use to pan the important voice left and made it louder than the rest. This is no problem with the dorico mixer, BUT:
Is there an option to name the audio file directly correct before exporting, like for example: “SongTitle_Soprano1”?

At the moment I always need to follow this folder path: “Partien aus SongTitle” → “01 - Partie 1” → and THEN I have to rename the exported audio track.

Looking forward toany tip! :slight_smile:

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No, I’m afraid at the moment you don’t have direct control over the filenames of exported audio files. This is something we do plan to add in future, following the kind of example shown by the way you can specify filenames for exported graphics.

It would be helpful if there was an option to not create folders, similar to how graphic files are exported.

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