Audio feedback not working for notes under 8th note in size on piano roll Cubase 11 Pro

This is the weirdest problem and it’s royally messing up my workflow.

When I’m in the piano roll I can add notes with the pencil or a keyboard and it sounds fine. If I go in to edit them and they’re anything shorter than an 8th note, they don’t play back when I move my arrow keys. They playback fine on normal timeline playback, which makes it even more mysterious that it doesn’t trigger when I am editing.

I was editing something with lots of 16th notes and at first I thought it wasn’t working at all. I had a arrangement segment that was before it with lots of 8th and quarter notes and they played back fine. Then I copied and pasted the 16th notes into that, and it wouldn’t work when I used my arrow keys. I was baffled. I increased the lengths to 8th notes and they all worked as expected.

What is going on? I upgraded from Cubase 6.5 Pro to 11 Pro. 6.5 never did this.

thanks for any help