Audio file monitor delay

Hi! When I recording or playing my e-guitar with “monitor” button on it sounds with ~1sec delay. But when I record it without monitoring it’s fine. I use scarlet 2i2. What could it be?

The Buffer-Size/latency of your audio interface is too large, or you are using a plugin with latency in your inserts.

Turn down the buffer size, and / or switch on “constrain latency compensation” button.

I reduced buffer size to minimal point and I still have the same delay.

Did you try the other thing suggested? Constrain Delay Compensation?

If you did already then can you post a screencap of your Devices/Device Setup/VST Audio System

Here it is

So your interface is reporting a latency of around 18ms RTL which is noticeable but is nothing like a 1sec delay.

Does the constrain delay compensation button do anything or not?

Actually I can’t find this button. Where is it? Could you send a pic please?

The manual or Google will do that for you!