Audio File Path Location Missing Work Around, Change Default Audio File Path Location

So it is common for “audio file path location missing” error to pop up if you transfer a project without the also copying the audio files that were used in the project, or move the audio files that were used in said project.
I noticed that every audio file that you import from any location is copied and stored in the “audio” folder in each Cubase project folder.
Is there a way to make Cubase recognize the default audio file path as the file path to the copy of the audio that it automatically generates? Why does the original file path location even matter?
There must be something I can change or a better way to manage this that I am missing.

I recommend to use “Back up Project” from the file menu.
This way all used files get copied to a folder of your choice and a new project file is created.

I had a problem with not being able to find missing files because I rearranged my projects into my own folders and cubase really had no idea where the audio or images were. I was not aware that cubase saved your audio into a designated folder and that should not be altered. A person on this forum told me to move all of my audio files into the folder on my harddrive called Cubase Projects. I moved over 500 audio files into this folder and it ended up working. When Cubase finally knew where to look for the files they were not missing anymore. Hope this helps as it helped me.