Audio file pitch shift corresponding tuning to 442 Hz

Hi, there is a acoustic piano tuned to 442 Hz, now the background audio file is normal tuned corresponding A 440 Hz. What is the way to make a 2 Hz pitch shift upwards correction to this audio file with Cubase, or is it possible. I have seen only semitone steps in the audio processing tools. I’m using Cubase Pro 12.

You can use this frequency to pitch converter to calculate the pitch difference. It’s 7.85 cents. Cubase only accepts integer values in the transpose/fine-tune fields, but a fine-tune value of 8, e.g. entered in the info line, should lead to a correct result.

Alternatively, there are some free frequency shifters, like the one from the Kilohearts Essential Effects that allow for entering the shift value in Hz.

Hi, thank you so much for this! I did’t understand in the first place the way the fine tune works and set incorrect values there.