multiple projects are experiencng the same issue - I started getting lots of “resolve missing files” warnings, which I would close (ignore) but now many of the audio files on the arranger are blank and empty. I noticed the only ones that do actually contain audio are the ones without (2) appended to their name. So “stereoguitar 26” came up fine but “stereodrums 10 (2)” did not. I can see it in the media pool but it is not in the audio folder so it won’t let me drag it onto the timeline. I’ve searched the drive and there is no “stereodrums 10 (2)” anywhere…
In the Pool window, the file names for the empty clips have the (2) appendage, but the Path (last column) does not…what happened? Did I violate some kind of naming convention? Are those files gone forever?

Did you move your projects between discs or partitions?
The naming (2) could mean those are files to be found in the Edits folder (processed in some way i.e. warped/dop’d), happens automagically.

Usually the search function brings them up, when they’re still there.

There’s a chance to lose file forever though: deleting stuff from the pools trash bin (they go to nirvana instead of the OS’ trash bin first). So it’s a good idea to take good care of what’s in the pool trash (checking pathes), because files are not necessarily located in the project folder.
Did an operation like this?

MY BAD…I had one original master project with about ten songs recorded live, sequentially, and I broke it down into ten separate projects by removing nine songs and saving the one song project file, ten separate times, under ten project names. Then I went into each new, single song project file and cleaned out the pool , trying to get rid of the annoying “missing files” notice…oooooopppsss… when I cleaned out the pool, I emptied the trash for all the source files for the other nine songs…well, I always like to learn lessons the hard way. You don’t forget them as quickly…lol.

Sounds like a desaster. Been stepping into that back in the SX days but never again since.

No backup?

However, you can try recovery tools. Pool trash doesn’t go to OS trash but will also just delete the reference to the files on your disc, not the files themselves.