Audio files in media bay

Hi all

I am trying to incorporate some guitar audio files from the media bay into a song I’m working on.

Obviously these audio files come in various keys and scales.

How can I adapt those files to the chords I’m using in my song?

For example, say a guitar sound I like follows a D, C, G, D progression, and my song is an A min, G, F, E progression, how can I change the audio file’s chords to my song’s chords?

Tried VariAudio however it only works with monophonic (single note) sounds like Bass and Vocals.

It can’t be that you can only use audio files as is, otherwise they would be of minimal use!

Please help


You can Transpose every single Audio event via the Transpose field in the Info Line of the Project window. Or you can add a Transpose track and keep the track follow the Transpose.

Thanks Martin

Am I able to customise the chord within the transpose? For example change major chords to minor.

Also, the sound quality seems to be impacted when I transpose?


Welcome to the forums.

It sounds like you’re just getting started with Cubase, which version are you using?

You can move chords up and down by half-steps using the Info Line, but changing a Major Chord to a Minor Chord is something you’d do more with MIDI.

If you want to create some basic Chord Progressions, I suggest spending sometime learning to use the Chord Track.

Thanks Steven - real sorry about the following long read, but I’m desperate for help!!

I thought as much re minor to major changes. I actually always use the chord track; yes I’m new to cubase but I know my way around its general functionality. I’m on 9.5 pro.

I’m also familiar with midi editing functionality like arpache 5 and sx, but I still find the sounds to be less than convincing. I like some of the audio files in the media library but looks like there are limits to how much I can modify them without impairing the sound.

My issue really is the following: I’m a drummer who sings and writes music, but can hardly play any other instrument, including a midi keyboard unfortunately.

So my ideal scenario is having access to a wide and versatile range of realistic sounding instrument sounds and parts that I can fully customise in terms of chords, articulation, tempo, strumming, solos etc etc. Obviously nothing will ever beat the real thing, but I’m sure there’s what is pretty close to it.

I love cubase, however I find the stock library sounds to be limited and/or not very realistic sounding.

I’m torn between getting individual specialised instrument products (like ample sound guitar, which seems to be the closest to the real thing) and something like kontakt, which could have a midi library that is large enough to cover my needs for guitar as well as other instruments.

Any helpful thoughts will be taken with greatest appreciation.

I have the same problem, MIDI is ok
But to cnange samples in AUDIO from majorchords to minor seems difficult

I have the same problem, MIDI is ok
But to cnange samples in AUDIO from majorchords to minor seems difficult

Melodyne 4 editor, is the only software I know of that can do that.
Ofcause not without artifacts, and @ 400€ not exactly cheap.