Audio files not in correct location

Hi all,
I’ve noticed in some of my projects the audio files are not what I believe is the correct location.
I expect them to be under the audio folder in the project folder where my project file is saved.
However I’m finding some projects they are under documents\Cubase Projects\Untitled-xx\Audio (where xx is some number). I can see this in the pool window where the project folder is shown not to be the location for where the project file is saved.
I think this is because I’ve added audio files to a new project before first saving the project.
How do I get all my audio files under the audio folder in the project folder?
Many thanks.

Probably the least messy way is just to use File > Back up Project and save the project, along with all media, to a new folder. And then delete the older scattered folders once you’re done. You can specify in the Backup window what you want to save - all media, no media, video, no video, remove unused files, etc.

Just deselect everything so you get an exact mirror of your main project, just with everything in the same folder. It’ll create all new files for everything so it’ll be all consolidated the way you want.

You could also do it manually in Windows explorer I guess - like cut / paste all audio files (and image / edit files) from the various folders into the one you want. But then you’ll have to use the “find missing files” dialogue when Cubase tries to open the project, as it will have to relink all the media. This can get a bit messy, and you may miss something along the way.

Backup is probably the easiest way.

You might also want to consider switching from “use default location” to “prompt for project location” in the hub/project assistant and your projects and audio will always be in the one folder.

Thanks guys. Backup worked for me. Will remember to switch to “prompt for project location”.