Audio Files Renaming


I would like to find an easy way to rename numerous audio files using the name of the track and the description of the marker placed before the event as : [name of the track]-[description of the marker]
Is it possible ?
Here is a screenshot that could help to understand what I want.

For instance in the picture, I would like the selected file to be renamed as “GTR R - take 4”

I tried to figure out something in the logical editor but I haven’t managed to do it.

Thanks for your help

Unfortunately, the PLE can’t save a text string to be used later (aka set a variable).

Sorry, I can’t think of anything no (but I’m still drinking the morning coffee)

Thanks for the reply, Steve.
Is there a way to rename audio files easily with the PLE?
If I forget the idea to rename after a marker description (which seems ambitious), is it possible to rename a whole batch with the name of the tracks, for instance?
Hope that your coffee will inspire :wink:

I’d like to step back and ask what you need to accomplish by changing the audio file names.

I want to have an audio pool clear and well organized in order to be able to export it easily to other DAW (for edit and the mix which are done by other people).
Ideally, I want to have each file named as mentioned ("[name of track] - [number of the take]").
Many files have inconsistent name (certain tracks of the same take have different number because the engineer used undos or add a new track in the middle of the session). So I had to sort the files by date or length to group them by take, which I found inconvenient…
Hope that I am clear.

Does that mean you’re exporting stems? `

For now, I don’t want to export nor process anything. I just want the files to have a consistent name, so that they will be easy to import in a project.

You can set names upon exporting. Are you familiar with the Cubase Export Audio Mixdown features?

I haven’t dug too much into the Cubase Export Audio Mixdown yet, because I want the files to stay unprocessed. But I know that it is pretty powerful since Cubase 11, and I might consider this option if I don’t find a good way to rename.

Define unprocessed.

Well, I might be wrong, but I thought that the audio file has to be changed (by all its path along the mixing process) and recalculated when exporting. Isn’t the case ?
PS Excuse my english, I really do my best, but it’s sometimes hard for me to be clear in this language.

Your words are entirely understandable.

Audio processing is not my specialty, but I do think that if you export using Multiple Channel selection there is no processing beyond making the several individual files on a track contiguous. Someone more knowledgeable might reply with better info though.

OK, thanks!
Exporting could answer my problem, then.
I am going to look deeper into this option.

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I find a way to do more or less what I wanted with the Export Options :
I can export a whole batch of tracks of the same take, and rename each file individually with the following pattern :
[name of the track] [“take”] [number of the take]
The files can be exported “without any FX” (no insert, no send, before pan).
It is quick and easy. I wish I could rename as easily without having to export anything. But it’s not too bad.
Thanks a lot Steve for the idea.