Audio files to CD from Cubase

I’m at my wits end. Are there any businesses out there that could convert my audio files to CD (and copies) from C9.5. I could do it internally myself but after a few false starts, I am prepared to pay someone to complete the job.


You cannot burn Audio CD from Cubase. WaveLab is the choice.

Many thanks. Waveab it is.

Just for burning CDs you do not need 500€ wavelab. Any CD burning program will do.


Yes, I was mentioning this as a Steinberg product. Of course even WaveLab Elements can burn CDs too, you don’t need the Pro version for this task. And of course, there are other softwares too.

You don’t need any special software if using Windows. Windows Media Player handles CD burning.

Hi all,
I’m sorry not to have replied to my post before now. Bad manners. I’ve gone and bought an external CD burner as I think my internal music computer, which is getting on, might not cope as well. I have used the Windows Media Player and it works and there are many additional options on the particular external drive. Thank you for jumping in.