Audio Folder Optimization: how to delete audios that aren't used in a folder with several project versions?

Hello gang,
Summer (hard drive) cleaning time has arrived.

I have a project folder with more than 10 project versions in it. Over 10 CPR files that contain the different versions of the project through time.
This folder is very heavy. Too much garbage accumulated over time.

I would like to “clean up” the audio folder so that it only keeps every file that is actually used on the existing CPR files. I even plan to delete some of the CPR files. So I need to know: How do you delete all files from the audio folder which are not used within ALL the existing CPR files of the project’s folder?

The Pool section on the user manual shows how to delete unused files when you’re dealing with one project. Which is fairly easy, but How do I identify the files that are unused through a set of CPR files? :open_mouth: :confused:

One way:

If one of those projects is the final version, do a File>Backup Project.

You end up with a new folder containing everything in that project. Then delete the old folder.

BTW, this is an excellent workaround for newbies who didn’t know (how?) to keep seperate folders for each project and now have all their projects in one folder in a confusing jumble. Cubase can split 'em apart for you and put you on the way to good hard disc management practices.

Thank you, Steve, but this is not a sequential project.
Is there another way?

The project uses the same set of source audio files, but in different ways, and on top of those, there were other audios imported to each specific project. So these projects are a combination of a common pool of files and a specific set of imported files.

Too messy? Should I just do a backup project for each?

Assuming you have some working temp storage space eg. external drive,

In all cases, backup the whole directory before you start :slight_smile:

Here’s what I would do …

  1. For each project
  • Media>Remove unused files>Remove from pool. And Empty trash > Remove from Pool. (NOT Erase). Save project.
  • Select all channels and File>Export Selected Tracks. Choose option to COPY media files.
  1. Save and Close project.
  2. repeat for all projects
  3. Move the entire contents of your project Audio folder to a backup drive.
  4. Move all the new copy audio files from all your track archives into the project Audio folder, overwriting where filenames are the same.
  5. re-open projects and check they are ok

misnoma’s way would work, but personally I would get lost or lose track before finishing up, :blush: so I would do a Backup Project for each one, and let the computer do the work.

Thank you, guys!
Yeah, I think It might be wise to just go ahead and separate them altogether. The thing is they have many common files so their summed size will actually grow.

But Ok, now I have some options.

On to testing!

I’ve run into the same problem.

I’ll work on a project, and save intermediate versions of the .cpr file. I’d like to be able to go back to any of those checkpoints, but the audio used in those intermediate versions might not be used in later versions. That means I can’t remove unused audio. Doing so in one version might prevent me from restoring another version. So, my audio file folder has a lot of trash in it, taking up space and making backups of the project folder unnecessarily large.

I haven’t tried it, but I suppose you could go through the .cpr files, one by one and move unused audio files into the trash. Then go through them again, one by one, and restore any audio files from the trash that are reported as missing. Repeat until no audio files are reported as missing. Tedious, but it should work.

The problem is Cubase doesn’t have any overview of multiple projects that share a pool. It would be nice if there was some batch pool operation where you could select a bunch of .cpr files and say: “Move all the audio files that are unused in this set of .cpr files into the trash”.

Install Cubase 9.0… and use the Clean Up function (File > Clean Up).

The old Clean Up function did exactly what you want… You could delete all audio files NOT referenced in any Cubase project (of a selected folder or folder-structure) in one go.

I have used this with great success since it was introduced, and miss it greatly in C9.5 and C10 :frowning:

I still have Cubase 9.0 installed for this function alone…

No kidding, this is something I can not understand why they removed from 9.5 onward (my best guess is, to many user errors).

PS. I always do my daily and weekly backup routines before executing the Clean Up function… So should you :wink:

I know my Cubase 10 license entitles me to run Cubase 9, but where do I find the Cubase 9 download? I don’t see it on My Steinberg downloads page.

You have make a special request to support staff for that, unfortunately.