audio for TV

Hi everyone,

I have been doing soundbeds for adverts for a record label for a while now and now they are asking for tv specific waves and the level requirements are confusing me a bit. they are asking for

peak -10db normalised audio

and that doesn’t make sense to me. Sorry if it is a dumb question but does that mean quieter audio? as in turned down from 0db to -10db?

I can’t think of any other way to interpret -10 dB normalised…


FWIW, consider sending it back maybe another -0.3 or -0.5 dB lower … just to cover the possible metering differences at the place where they are doing the Post. You don’t want it being bounced back as being out of spec with the deliverables.

Good luck with the project.

That’s what I thought the general answers would be - thanks!