Audio freeze issue

I am experiencing an issue with audio freeze in 2.6. I believe this issue was present in earlier versions as I have had problems with freeze only rendering part of a track but I hadn’t associated it with the right marker before now.

When freezing audio, it is stopped at the location of the right hand loop marker. Sometime the remainder of the track is silenced, other times it is a small portion of the track but looped.
The tracks have AUv3 loaded onto them, 1 is zeeon…1st 2 screen shots show the audio track ended at the right loop marker. I moved the right marker between the freeze operations

The next screen is from a galileo track in the same project. In this one you can see the rest of the track after the right marker is a looped portion.

I have tried with the Audio Unit mixdown Compatibility mode both on and off, it makes no difference.

As a workaround I can just make sure the right marker is beyond the end of the track before trying to use freeze.


OK having problems with the attachments for some reason. I have attached them here

Zeeon track

Galileo track

Hi Andy,

If possible, provide us with the projects, to allowing us to give the issues a clear repro.
Ideally, the projects should not contain other effects or similar.

Please upload them via DropBox or similar and provide me with the download links via PM.


Hi Lars,

Well this is frustrating, I made a copy of my project using snapshot, so that I could remove all the AU FX that I am using…removed the FX, tried the audio freeze and it worked fine…
I went back to my original project (with AU FX in place) tried freeze, and again it is working fine. Good for my project :slight_smile:, but bad for trying to find the cause of this issue :frowning:
I did try closing and re-opening Cubasis yesterday when I had the issue and it didn’t fix it. Perhaps taking the snapshot or loading a different project has reset something somewhere.

You can see from the screenshots it definitely was happening, and I have had it before. I’m guessing that this isn’t a project specific thing and that it is a state that cubasis (or something else) gets into and it causes the issue to happen.

If it starts happening again should I send you the project as is with all FX in place ? I guess this would prove/disprove if it is something with the project itself ?
Also I will try just loading a different project to see if that makes the issue go away. Finding what makes it go away may help point at what makes it happen ?

This is going to be one of those that takes ages to find repro steps for I think. I will definitely be keeping my eye on it and doing whatever investigation I can if/when it happens again.



Hi Andy,

First of all it is good to hear that the issue seems to be solved.

Please keep me updated and provide us with the project file, if it should appear again.
In general, it is helpful to breakdown repros to the most simple steps. This gives us, or better our engineers a good chance for evaluation and solving the topics.

While it is absolutely great being able to use third party apps within Cubasis, unforeseeable problems can arise depending on the number or type of plug-ins which can be out of our hands, similar to other hosts.


Hi Lars

Being a developer myself (Windows) I understand that there can be all manner of things that can cause issues…and am trying my best to understand what is going on here :slight_smile:
Rest assured if I can make the issue appear on demand I will give you detailed steps as to how, unfortunately at the moment it is a mystery as to when it will happen, the only thing I can think of as being not Cubasis and common to both recent times it happened is Galileo. I reported this to them last time, but like yourselves, without being able to reproduce it, it is impossible to troubleshoot/debug.

My current feeling is that it is something either directly related to Galileo, or something related to high CPU/Ram usage. I’ll keep you posted.

Anyway, back to enjoying Cubasis for now :wink:

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your message.

Unfortunately high CPU/Ram usage issues can occur with several AU instruments.
Please keep me updated, and provide us with further information if you’re able to reproduce the issue.