Audio from Dorico into Zoom?


I have Dorico Pro 3 and Windows 10. I want to know how I can virtually combine my signal from Dorico into Zoom. I have an interface: Audient iD14 and Microphone to talk to people on Zoom through my Interface, could someone guide me on how to combine the signal from Dorico to my Zoom without losing my main signal for listening and talking to people?

Thank you.

One one way to do this is to use Voicemeeter Potato (yes…). Its a quite good Windows audio mixer that enables you to do a lot of very fancy routing and mixing on Windows. As to Mac, I do not know.

This is not a Dorico matter, but a Windows audio matter in my view.

So, how do I do it? What are the steps once I download the software? What must I do to achieve the virtual connection from Dorico to Zoom, let me know? Thank you kindly!

Voicemeeter has its own documentation.

If you get stuck, there are a surprisingly large number of videos on youtube about how to configure it - it is a very popular application. Works well.

o see here:

VoiceMeeter is the way to go. Works great and is very flexible!