Audio from external apps isn’t recorded

Whenever recording inter-app audio or routing from Audiobus, no sound is recorded and only something looking like a zero-length event appears in the recorded track. I’ve tried routing audio from several apps such as Bias FX, VocaLive or Audiobus always getting the same result. I manage to record the sound only if I hit the record button while the project is already being played or switching on the punch-in mode. I’ve been experiencing this ever since I used Cubasis. (Jan 23)
This seems like a major bug to me. Or am I missing something?
My setup is Cubasis 3.5.1., iOS 16.4, iPad Pro 2021, Presonus iTwo interface

Hi daniel,
Here is something you can try……it works for me:

  1. Pre launch any IAA apps that you intend recording. (Before launching Cubasis)
  2. Select the IAA from Browser Inter-App in a empty Midi track (call it track 1)
  3. Add a empty Audio track (track 2)
  4. Tap Routing/Mono Input/InterApp - select your IAA.
    This audio track is now set to record your midi arrangement from the IAA in track 1. Be sure to mute any other tracks that might start playing when you hit Record.
    That’s it.
    Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, thanks for the idea, but unfortunately the apps I need to record from don’t have any midi output so this is not an option for me. Anyway, recording IAA is a basic functionality that should require no workaround.
Anyone else experiencing the same behavior?
It’s soooo frustrating and makes it virtually impossible for me to use Cubasis.

Just in case…make sure you are actually recording the IPP audio output into a Cubasis audio track and not a Cubasis midi track! Its easy to miss. Check the red record button is on in the audio track and that the midi track output is set to the same midi channel as your IPP. In my experience the whole IAA thing was a a matter of luck. Some IPP’s work reasonably well with Cubasis whilst others require you to waste more time getting them to play nicely than you would spend actually creating music. Use AU if you can, save a lot of time wasting and frustration.