Audio from mics is barely audible

Hey guys,

So I post drum covers on YouTube and recently got a Steinberg UR22 and two mics, Shure SM57 and Beta 52A. I recorded everything fine, but when I went to put the audio that I took from the mics and put it into my video editing software (Sony Vegas 10), the audio from the mics was barely audible. I lowered the audio of the song and made the audio from the mics as loud as possible and it didn’t really help much. I was wondering if anyone could give me any insight as to how to fix this? Maybe it has something to do with the way I mixed them in Cubase? Anything would be greatly appreciated!!



Hi Nick,

Could be a number of things. I would start by checking the input gain while recording, if you’re using the UR22 the input gain should be turned up enough for the “peak” light to flash at the loudest possible signal, once you see this, turn the knob back down (slowly) until it doesn’t light up. It could also be an issue with the mix in Cubase. How do your levels look in the mixer?

For your reference, we have a few tutorials on mixing in Cubase that may be helpful: