Audio from sustain pedal (only) in other tracks

Weird issue with the audio from the sustain pedal (the damper-samples only) from Pianoteq are printed to other stems when exporting audio.

My strings are in VEPro, while Pianoteq is loaded directly in Dorico.
Can supply audio and screenshot.

So only the sympathetic resonance from the sustain pedal is included, not the notes? What if you mute Pianoteq in the Mixer before you export another track?

Hi Henrik, can you maybe supply a stripped down project which shows that behaviour. I have the Pianoteq trial version which equally should expose that.

Hi guys, thanks for helping me out with this. Quite peculiar!

Muting the piano in the mixer prevents it from happening.

Attached is a test-flow where issue is present + 2 stems from the same.

ROSE - MASTER - – blank – 1.dorico (698.4 KB)

Hi Henrik, not quite like you, but we could reproduce this. During export the damper pedal of the piano gets played back, though it actually should not. So we filed this in our bug database and will work on it. Unfortunately we don’t have any workaround for it, so you have to live with it for the moment. Sorry.
We wonder that no one before reported this.

Ok, no problem. The level of the pedal samples can be easily adjusted from within PianoTeq, just wanted to let you know this was going on… Cheers!

Hi @henrikskram , Paul just notified me that he has fixed the problem. The fix will become available in the next version.

Great, thanks for letting me know!