Audio gap using Song End Action

Hi, in the scenario of a live performance of a medley and designing each medley song into a song of VST Live, I would like to know if it is possible to avoid the gap that is generated in the playback of audio tracks when switching from a song to the next one (setting of Song end action → What: Start Next Song / When: Last Event End)

Unfortunately no. Seamless switching, and even crossfading to the next Song are on the list, but that’s tough, because in fact, each VST Live Song is a complete project in itself. But we’ll try.
For now, you will have to compose the medley into one Song.

Consider that the possibility of “combining” several songs in a single medley would open up the possibility of easily modifying this medley (adding, removing or moving songs from it).

In the hope that this feature can be implemented as soon as possible, thank you for the quick and accurate response.