Audio glitches in templates from previous versions

When using a project template that was created in Cubase 7.5 or Nuendo 6.5 in Cubase 8, there will eventually be “pops and clicks” that are random, in audio and/or vst instrument tracks.
I have not been able to reproduce this behaviour with a project that has been created from scratch in Cubase 8.
Using previous configured templates from earlier versions in Cubase causes audio problems.

I believe I might have encountered the same thing. Just upgraded to Cubase 8 PRO and loaded a Cubase 7.5 project I am currently working on into the new version. Immediately noticed pops and audio dropouts from the VST instruments in the same fashion you would when you run your sound card with too small process buffer.
Did not help to save it in a Cubase 8 format and then reload it either.

Loaded the project in Cubase 7.5 again and it play back perfectly with the same buffer size.

Not sure this is the same thing but I have a very large VEP template that I made in CB 7.5. When I open it in CB8 it works for a little bit then I get loud digital noise. It also crashes all the time. When I open in 7.5 it works fine.

Also in CB 8 with the same template switching between tracks is very slow during playback and audio is interrupted. Is anyone experiencing these issues?