Audio glitches/stuttering Cubase 9.5 Pro

Greetings…having an issue with audio glitches/stutters…everything was working fine…I moved 3 weeks ago and Cubase has been acting up since…uninstalled/reinstalled…tried every Windows 10 fix/tweak I could find apart from the ones I always do…turned off everything non essential possible…uninstalled programs/plugins or anything I might have added right before I moved…have tried every buffer size…booted from 6 spare hard drives including SSD…opened new blank projects…tried all of my templates…loaded all older projects that worked fine a few weeks back…all have the dreaded glitch…playback and recording…all drivers up to date…I am not a newbie but this is most frustrating…Dell Optiplex 7010 3.4ghz 24GB ram Focusrite 18i20 and Octopre 500GB WD SSD…NVidia GForce 710 graphics card…various 3 TB Drives…gonna try my backup computer as well…I’m sure i am overlooking something…any help appreciated!


Try an older NVidia driver, please.

Try LatencyMon utility for the testing of your system.

i have the latency mon and it says my system is fine…will try the nvidia fix…thanks

Take a look at your plugins, especially the effects plugins. Get rid of any that you never use. Use carefully those you keep (use and then bounce the track).
Does that help - it did for me. I

Have plugged usb devices into the same usb connectors you used before the move ?
Normally not a problem, but usb2 and usb3 being what they are, I would try shuffling them around, one at a time to see if it makes a difference.

I understand you might have a separate issue, however running my system from SSD only helped boot times. I often comp 8 or so lanes of 12 channels of drums. What sorted the dropouts was installing another SSD (from a laptop that died) and moving the current project to that. It’s really fixed the dropouts.

@pkmusic Your tip solved it for me. Thank you!