Audio glitches using Motif XF (Firewire) and Yamaha N12 on MacOS Mojave

Since I have upgraded to Mojave, if I have Cubase 11 open and I try to listen to a song (an mp3 file from my hd or a song from a streaming service) or to see a video (streaming or from hd) the audio from the video/the song starts to be full of crackles, glitches, etc…
Of course everything returns to work regularly when I close Cubase (but it happens also with other software using my asio driver).
If I select “Release asio driver” in the audio preferencese, I hear no more glitches, but on High Sierra and all the previous OS, it was ok also with “Release asio” not flagged.
I use Yamaha Steinberg FireWire driver (the last version available, 1.7.5) with a N12 and a Motif XF via firewire.

Does anyone know what I could do to fix the problem?
Thank you everyone and sorry for my english.

Please, help!! Pkeaseee…

The issue is with the Mac audio system, not Cubase.

In any case the correct setting is to activate the pref Release ASIO driver in background. The result is what you need though, audio works properly.

MacOS might have changed certain things which causes the difference.

thank you Steve!
Yeah, if I select Release ASO, audio works properly, but this happen only with cubase. So, if another software using YSFW driver is in background, audio doesn’t work well.
I think it’s a problem of the Yamaha Steinberg FireWire driver, at this point.
Where can I ask for help on that driver?
Thanks again

I don’t know, to be honest. I suppose from the same place one would get support for the Motif XF or the N12.

Sorry I don’t know more, maybe someone familiar with the devices will chime in. I’ll add your devices to the title.

Ok, thank you!

I don’t know about Mac, but in windows I have to use the Legacy FW driver instead of the YamahaFW driver, then my N12 works without issues.

Thank you! I’ll try to find something similar for mac!