Audio gone, audio back, and gone again...

I am experiencing a strange, unpredictable problem in Cubase 10 (Artist).

When I am working on a project, the audio suddenly stops working at some point. While the ruler doesn’t move when I press play, my level meters are dancing as if the audio is being played.

When I press stop, the ruler miraculously comes to life; creeping forward over the timeline with almost unnoticeable steps.

After showing patience, these problems solve themselves at a random moment in time. And then they randomly start again… overall, the problem is active most of the time, like 80% of it, acting like a cycle.

Reinstalling the audio driver (Yahama Steinberg ASIO driver) didn’t help, nor did starting Cubase in safe mode and resetting it to the factory settings.

Is anyone familiar with this problem, or has anyone struggled with something similar?

A useful note might be that I can export audio mixdowns while the problem is active. The exported audio files do contain audio.


Could you try to increase Buffer Size of your Audio Device, please?

Increasing the buffer size doesn’t really help, but rather changes the length and frequency with which the problem hops on and off (shorter/higher, I think).

I have been playing around with the buffer size a bit, and something noticeable happens: every time I change the buffer size, the ‘cycle’ starts at the point where the problem is gone. As if it does a quick reset, temporary getting rid of the problem.