Audio Gridder use to solve poor Cubase performance

I just want to comment that I have experienced recently.
Last November I bought a new Mac Studio M2 Ultra as my main music machine. Currently I’m using Cubase 13 on it.
Recently I have been writing a piece using NI Lores - specifically a patch called The Merchant. I have three instances of this loaded for the piece (the reasons aren’t important really!).
I have been very frustrated with extreme performance loads, cracking and audio drop outs.
In frustration I decided to try the Audio Grinder solution suggested by SoapMak3r. I was reluctant to do so because Cubase/NI/MacStudio M2 should work by itself right?
Sadly it did work and really solved the problem!!!
Please - Steinberg - I have been a faithful Cubase user since the early 90s - can you please address this issue?
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yes it works!
Sadly Steinberg doesn´t seem to dimension the problem as every new upgrade needs more CPU.
I would prefer 0 new features but better performance…

That’s the way it goes, it is not just Steinberg, even plain Office stuff requires more resources with every release.

Btw. It is not necessarily the CPU that causes a bottleneck, there are many other pieces that will need upgrades. One of them is RAM, stuff that used to fit into memory five years ago, today needs at least double or even more of that. So you need to anaylze carefully where your bottleneck is.

Unfortunately same problem here… and it’s definitely Cubase 13 - the Kontakt 7 Standalone with Lores loaded does not have any issues whatsoever.

ASIO Guard just seems crazy high on my M2 Max and I just don’t understand it tbh. Peak and average meters are around 50%, so, yeah I don’t see why audio crunches to a halt and ASIO Guard hits the limits no matter what I set it to. Changing buffer size (UAD Apollo X) seems to make barely no difference at all either?

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I have actually stopped using Audio Gridder now (- executive decision - it created too many workflow issues for me).
Now I just write some and then either render or freeze sections if and when I start getting too many spikes and crackles etc.
(of course I shouldn’t with the high power setup I have! - that was the point of it)
The very strange thing is that initially in my writing session it is all very good but as I keep working back and forward in the music and especially when I open the Key Editor the spiking of CPU/Asio Guard gets very high. And I can add all sorts of other VST tracks, say big Hollywood Strings patch, with very little additional load registering on the meters. So - so far - its really only Lores. Other Kontact 7 instruments seem fine.
I’m waiting for a Cubase update and hoping it improves - otherwise its the old workarounds for hardware limitations. If people keep posting maybe it will get noticed.
Cheers all.

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Ah it’s only Lores with your setup?
Perhaps this is an issue Native Instruments should attend to then? Well in Kontakt Standalone it works quite fine here - as do other Libraries.
You shouldn’t need workarounds with a specced-up computer on a supposed “Advanced Music Production System”.