Audio hardware setup option disappears in C8.5.15 w. UR824

I’m having an issue where the “audio hardware setup” option in the Devices menu keeps disappearing in C8.5.15. 32bit. My Interface is UR 824 on driver V1.9.8, but the issue was there on the previous driver version also. Works fine in C8 32bit.
I have discovered that I can bring the audio hw setup option back by switching to generic asio driver and then back to Yamaha USB asio driver.

Something is not quite right here, and as already mentioned the issue is not present in C8 on the same driver verions.

Anyone else having this issue?

My system is W7 SP1 64bit, C8 and C8.5.15 both 32 bit. Intel i5, Steinberg UR 824.


Do you connect your HW first, and launch Cubase later?

This happens to me with the MR816 interface as well. There are numerous posts regarding this issue on the Steinberg Hardware forum as well.
I always start the hardware first, even before starting the PC.
The problem definitely does not occur in Cubase 6.5, and I don’t remember it happening in 8.0.
If I open the Hardware rack in the mixer, and click on the headphone “icon”, the Audio Hardware setup opens…so that may be a workaround.
Oddly enough, the Audi0 Hardware selection will randomly appear in the Devices dropdown menu occasionally.

Win 7 SP1 here, Cubase 8.5 64 bit, MR816x and MR816CSX.
Perhaps Steinberg will have an answer via this part of the forum…very little support from them in the MR816 forum.

I allways turn my UR 824 on BEFORE i launch Cubase.

Clicking the HP icon in the mixer is a workaround i can live with. Thanks! (…and it works, I tried it)

Well well, lookie here… I had the MR816CSX but recently purchased the UR824. With the MR I had the same problem as jmartin225 where the “Audio Hardware Setup” was showing randomly in the Device menu. I figured out the workaround, clicking the headphone icon in the mixer/hardware strip. I was a bit disappointed to see that the same behaviour continued with the UR though.

However, reading your question I decided to do it the other way around (sort of). I first started Cubase with the UR824 switched on prior to starting Cubase as I always do and yes, no “Audio Hardware Setup” was seen in the Device menu. I then simply switched the UR off and the dialog “Audio Hardware Removed” appeared after a couple of seconds. Switched the UR on again and low and behold, the “Audio Hardware Setup” appeared in the Device menu!

Maybe this could be an alternative to the mixer/headphone clicking. I have only tried it with my UR824. I don’t know if it works with te MR816 but I see no reason why it shouldn’t. At least it’s worth a try. :slight_smile: