Audio Import from CD, random L-R swap!

Had a new bug start up with importing CD tracks via Wavelab import. Some of the tracks are fine but randomly I see the left right being switched on import. VERY concerning. Anyone see this before?

I’ve had to import a number of CDs throughout all versions of Wavelab 8 through 8.0.4, for running complete album compare analysis to existing files. Never had any channels switched. Just tried it in Wavelab 8.5.20 also with no problem. I’m always using the “Convert To Audio Montage (all)” option if that makes any difference. What Wavelab version are you using? On Windows? Happens from multiple discs? Any particular burner?

This looks like an interface occasionally missing a sample. what kind of interface has the CD got?

I have remained on Wavelab 6 so I can continue to use Cube-Tec’s customized version. Still, been on it for over 8 years and never seen this before. Computer is Windows XP Pro. I have noticed that the computer has been rejecting blank CD’s often as well, where as I put them in another computer and they are ready to burn. I wonder if this is a hardware interface issue or a combination.

Very hard to tell remotely. I would incline towards hardware - but it could, for instance, be affected by a motherboard setting relating to the main data busses (this would be motherboard-specific, though, and only in some cases).

But as WaveLab uses a third-party driver for CD access (from Gear, I think), it’s probably worth downloading the latest update of that package (, if only to discount that as an issue.


Some thing to verify, is to be certain 100% that the swap is real. Eg. compare with the result of another app.

My thoughts as well. Never had this issue with WL.

draudio2U, if you are on Windoze, try (free) Exact Audio Copy
to compare. Check the box that asks it to prepare a log.

Good luck.