Audio in media bay play really fast

HI all. Somehow when i preview a sample audio in the media bay its plays so fast i mean triple the bpm fast. Even if i change the bpm its not helping. Even after i drag the sample to the track its still fast. Dont know why is that.
Anyone please help?


What are your samples Sample Rate? And what are your projects sample rate?

Greetz Bassbase

Is the audio file fast to begin with?

In MediaBay:
Is “Align Beats to Project” enabled?

In the sample editor:
“Musical Mode” enabled in the audio warp tab (for the audio event in the track)?

Probably He has the Tempo tab column hidden, so he cant see what tempo …or more importantly the Beats/bars Tab column, to enter the correct information…most young un’s presume Cubase is like Ableton, where it detects automatically etc…as was mentioned, you have to “Align to Project” and ensure the correct data is entered into the fields associated with the file. (mainly Tempo …Bars & Beats & Follow Tempo fields. (Yes/No field)

MediaBay, is probably Cubase’s strongest features, but it pays to get to know its quicks & idiosyncrasies…If you have dragged & dropped a an audio part into your the POOL window, check that you have the correct tempo entered in the tempo field. and also check that is set up to play back alignment with your project. (simply put a check mark in the little square Box!!) :sunglasses:

Hi. Thanks for the replies.
Every time i create a new song the media bay works perfect. After a day or 2 when i have files in the tracks it just happens.
Is “Align Beats to Project” enabled? YES.
And i can see the tempo of all the files in the Bay so i know the tempo.
even if my track is 120 and the file tempo is 120 the preview is to fast like 150 in every file im trying to preview.
Only after i drag it to the track i hear it in the track temp and its ok…
I usually play the track and then play the loop or sound to see if it fits my tracks so now that its fast i just cant do it.
If i stop the track from playing and deselect the Align Beats to Project then i can hear the loop or sound the way it ahould be,
Any ideas/

Any ideas?

Hi. After playing around with it. I noticed that its happening only with REX files. Wave files are playing good…Its that a common problem?

Yeah…Ist been well documented over the years…In a word…DONT use rex files within Mediabay…use UVI Workstation…great sampler & free as well. :laughing:

UVI Workstation? Ill try it.

RX2 files haven’t worked in Mediabay since its inception in Cubase 4, YEARS AGO. It really is a sad joke. Yes, UVI workstation is the way to go. Tighter than a seals ass timing between the RX2 loops and your project. It does what the Mediabay SHOULD be doing.