Audio in RAM?

I’m doing a new disk and disk partioning setup. I’m using the first partition on 4 different drives to maximize processing speed with the OS on the first partition of the main drive and samples for streaming on the first partions of the other 3 drives. All drives are multipartioned and things seldom accessed go into the last partions where access is relatively slower.

I have a large acidized loop collection. In Acid ‘loops,’ typically 4 bars or less, are loaded directly into RAM.

For both my acidized loops and rex files, I was wondering how C6 handles them. If one or both are placed in RAM by C6, then obivously I wouldn’t need to place them in the sample streaming first partion on my drives (space is precious!).

Can anyone briefly explain of point me to a past thread explaining how audio is handled with respect to what is streamed and what, if anything, is placed in RAM?



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Aloha Prado,

I asked a similar (but kinda on the same track) question a while back. Got no takers.

Can C6 run inside a Ram Disk??

1-If this is possible, would it be advantages when using C5 in a ‘live’ setting?
2-If not the whole C5 app, could at least samples be loaded into a RD so C5 could access that data more quickly than normal?

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Maybe your thread yield more info.

Can’t help you with how cubase interacts with the OS / RAM nowadays however I have friends that improve performance
for frequently used sample files / libraries using these methods:

  1. Using a small dedicated 30 - 50gb SSD drive
  2. Using a 2-4Gb RAM Disk ( )

Both methods beat even that fastest Hard drive / Raid solutions hands down as they are both memory solutions.

Anyway, hope this may be of some help

Aloha Howser and tanx for that info.

update: oops, pc only.

Thanks anyway

Loops should be held in RAM. Audio will be streamed from the drive.

^I’m not clear what you really mean, "loops shold be held in RAM … "

How would C6 know which was which?

Any documentation?