Audio independent loop button missing

I need an audio watermark loop to repeat over several tracks I’m submitting for publishing review. I know I can just duplicate the watermark loop, but I’d like to try out the independent loop function that should be available for both MIDI and audio segments in Cubase Pro 9. In the MIDI key editor, there is a toolbar button for the independent loop function, but in the audio editor this button is missing and not available, despite what the manual shows. I can’t find anyone addressing this out on the internet, nor has it shown up in this forum as an issue. Can anyone shed light on using the independent loop function for audio tracks?

The independent loop is for midi only.

That´s wrong.

I´m sure the manual shows the "audio part editor, not the audio editor.

In 10.5 Pro - I have to be missing something because activating the Independent Loop on a MIDI event doesn’t seem to route the events to the instrument, or to any midi out if that is how you have it set up… i.e. NO way to get audio from this!

I have to not be doing some extra step… so many extra steps.

the Independent Track Loop ->Button<- is in the Editor for Audio Events. You have to enable it.
As far as I can tell though… it doesn’t actually do anything. Again I have to be missing something.

Anyone with answers, I would be grateful.

Independent track loop does not do any audio routing


Now clearly off topic, but, what is the point in an independent loop if you can never get SOUND from it in any way?
If you don’t turn the looping on, then you hear the event. If you turn looping on, you don’t hear anything.
You seem to be agreeing that this is the way it works… so what’s it for then?

Independent track loop is to loop a part of a track independently from other independent track loops, and /or the project window playback. It does not have anything to do with audio output routing

Right…as it’s name suggests, but I can’t seem to get it to independently loop part of a track and also ->HEAR<- what it is independently looping. It’s probably such a dumb mistake on my part, it must be obvious, but I just can’t figure it out. To the extent that I gave up and started complaining.

Of course I have read that. Don’t be rude. I still can’t get it to work right.

Not even saying “thank you” to someone who tries to help you is rude. Providing a manual link certainly isn´t… :unamused:

I wasn’t rude… if you read it than you have the solutions for your problems…