Audio Input/Output buttons missing

Bit strange, the audio input/output buttons at the top of the project window have vanished. I know I can still access these with an F4, but I can’t find how to put them back on the tool bar. Anyone able to help?



This is a known and already reported issue. Thank you.

Is there a manual procedure for putting them back?


No. You have to wait for the Steinberg fix. Sorry.

If I’m not mistaken, they show, if you open an older (Cubase 12) project.

But you can always open the window by using [F4] Key Command or Studio > Audio Connections menu.

You can get input & output buttons at the top of the project window by clicking on the window layout button on the toolbar (on the right hand side depending on customisation) and ticking the box for status line which shows up in the set up window layout box. This adds another bar of information under the tool bar . It can be customised by double clicking/2 finger tap/control clicking on the status line - this includes the option to include input and output status buttons which open up the connections window.
I am on a mac with C13.
I just use F4 as I don’t like the loss of real estate to a status line.
Hope this helps.


Yes, you can do this, but this is the broken part. The Audio Inputs and Audio Outputs items are greyed out, therefore you cannot add them (in the newly created Cubase 13 project).

They aren’t greyed out on my C13.


Even not with the fresh new projects created in Cubase 13? Not from the template, but fresh projects?

Thanks all

My status bar doesn’t disappear when everything is disabled. I mean what I can disable (not the checked but greyed out options). Id like to get that real estate back.