Audio Input won't connect

Hello! I wanted to record something but I can’t connect the Audio Input. I can’t select the Driver. It appears there but when I click it, it does nothing.

What is the audio input?
Did you configure the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver?
This is a driver that enables Windows audio device to work with a DAW.
But you need to configure which audio connection should be used.

Maybe the audio device has no inputs?

It has 2 inputs but it won’t let me select. Like it appears the driver but I can’t select it and when I go to Studio Setup<Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver it appears only the outputs and then I went to control panel and unmarked the Card options and then appeard the Audio Inputs too and I can select the driver but it has a very very weird sound I can’t explain but it isn’t the sound from my guitar for example.

@raul666 You need to install the ASIO drivers for your UR22mkII audio interface. You should not use the generic driver when an interface has dedicated ASIO drivers. You will find the drivers here:

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@mlindeb Thank you very much! It works perfectly now!!