Audio inputs from 2 devices?

Hi folks,

have any of you discovered a way to use multiple audio input devices with Cubase? I’ve just bought a Roland JDXA, which has audio over USB, and would like to know if there’s a hack to feed this into Cubase?

I have a Thunderbolt interface with plenty of ins, but it would be nice to bypass this and get audio via USB direct from the synth.


As expained certainly several hundred times again and again: aggregate device would be the way to go on Mac.

Thanks for your input, Sven. Aggregate device might be the way to go if you can clock both devices, but in my case I can’t so drift occurs, resulting in clicking. Drift correction also introduces clicking. In addition, Aggregate device introduces another layer of latency, which defeats the purpose of my investment in the Clarett thunderbolt interface!

I guess I’ll stick with the analog ins on the Clarett!