Audio Interface + Cubase

Who can help me? I recently exchanged my perfectly working m-audio fast track c400 by an identical one because the first one was broken. After connecting everything again (even loading the driver again) cubase doesn’t seem to recognize the replacement. In Device Setup when wanting to select the dedicated C400 driver I receive the error message “no hardware found or already in use”. If a play a note on my keyboard it is not played back and there is no movement on the meter. It seems as basically Cubase doesn’t detect my hardware… Any ideas what I need to do?

It is possibly the “already in use” portion of the error message that applies here.
Perhaps you have the c400 set as the system sound device or another open application is using it at startup which is denying Cubase the ability to use it.

Thanks for your quick reply…I have to correct myself: Sounds seem to be playing from my PC speakers instead of my monitor speakers independently from my default settings under Sound in Windows. And again, I cannot select the dedicated drivers… weird…wouldn’t know which other application could be using it… No clue :cry:

Can you select the soundcards driver in Cubase?

No, see my first post…receiving error message that hardware cannot be found or is already in use

Does your interface seem to be working with other applications? Isn’t there a LED light on the interface to indicate that it is receiving power from your system? My bet is on “no hardware found” rather than “already in use”. :wink: