Audio Interface does not appear in Audio device setup

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  1. Summary/Title
    Audio Interface not recognised in Cubasis

  2. Description
    I am trying to connect a UR22C to an iPad (6th gen iOS 13.4.2) running Cubasis 2 busy despite trying various alternatives usb -usb c connection options I cannot get the Audio Interface to appear in the Audio device setup.

  3. Expected Results
    In the Audio Device option I was expecting to see

  4. Actual Results
    All I can currently see in the Audio Device option is the “iPad

  5. Environment
    As above

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Hi SimonLeathers,

Thank you for your message.

To check if the audio interface is properly connected to the iPad, please follow the audio routig setup explained in this tutorial:

Please let me know if this works.
If so, the device is properly connected.