Audio interface for iPad Pro 2018 (3rd Generation)

Hello out there!

Can someone recommend me an Audio Interface for my iPad Pro 2018?

So far it’s been hell for me to use this iPad for music production.
Loads of cracks and pops… power throttling… etc etc
I’m very frustrated… to the point to sell this iPad and get an old one if I cannot find a suitable simple but robust audio interface for it.

The new USB-C on this iPad is been a downgrade for me too…

My earlier iPads were finally working fine with the lightning port and cable using my Apogee ONE for iOS and my iConnectivity MIDI4+.
I could even charge the iPad straight via the lightning cable from both of these interfaces.

Both great interfaces but they just don’t work properly anymore with the new iPad Pro 2018.

I’ve been waiting all this year for new firmware or iOS version to come out and solve this problem but with no luck so far.

So I have given up… I need a new interface!!

My main problem is that I cannot even select the IO’s for the interfaces from the iPad…
It’s very frustrating after spending so much money on this new iPad Pro.
So I don’t want to spend too much money on this because I don’t trust the iOS platform for music production anymore…

Thus, I’m now looking for an ultra-small, plain simple 2x Ins + 2x Outs interface capable to send and receive audio via SPDIF or TOSlink on the iPad.

Analog IO’s are not essential for me anymore as I plan to hook up the iPad to my main computer’s interface via SPDIF or TOS-link, and work with the iPad as an add on in my studio.

MIDI In/Out would be also a bonus but not essential either as my trusty Roland UM-1 still works as a treat…
By the way, has anyone tried the old Edirol UA25 with the new iPad Pro 2018?

I basically want something hassle free: Plug and Play!
No more hiccups, no more headaches…

I’m mainly using Cubasis and AUM as my main DAW’s on the iPad.

So can someone throw me some recommendations??

But please let me know if you have used the interface with the new iPad Pro 2018.
Because after all the trouble this year I just don’t want more guessing…
I literally stopped making music since I bought this new iPad Pro (again, not cheap!)

So I had enough from half truths and false promises from manufacturers…



Hi pepflores2003,

Thanks for your message.

Did you update your iPad device to the latest available iOS and Cubasis versions?
Normally this should address the most audio related issues.

In regards to iOS compatible audio devices, please have a look if our Steinberg UR series matches your requests:

Steinberg UR series
Steinberg UR-RT series

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,