Audio interface (maybe?) issues


I downloaded Cubase elements this morning, trouble-free install, got everything up and running very easily.

I’m using an Akai EIE Pro interface which was recognised and setup perfectly. I laid down some audio and midi tracks (VSTis and using external synth) and satisfied myself that everything was good.

I’ve come back to Cubase later, and the audio is way off. For example, using Drumazon VSTi - this is what I used to get some test tracks going earlier and it sounded great, easily playable from my Akai MPD218 and playing back perfectly. Now, the latency is massive and the sound distorted.

Checking the Studio setup, everything is the same - input latency, output latency, all the same as before. I’m a bit baffled as to what’s happened and am not really sure where to got from here to troubleshoot.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Have you setup a power management plan . knowing what operating system you are on would help but if you are on windows and you haven’t setup a power plan then your drives , usb and soundcards will sleep at a certain time , i would start there first .

Ah, that’s interesting - no, I hadn’t done that.

Interestingly, when starting everything up again today, no problems, which I suspect suggests something like you’ve mentioned.


Cool , least it’s working but i would suggest sorting out your power management plan and turn off all Sleeps .

Good luck