Audio Interface not connecting with Cubase (Roland Rubix 44)

Hi - I am having problems with my Roland Rubix 44 Audio Interface.
It used to be plug and play with my last PC and Cubase 11 Pro, but now its not being recognized in Cubase on my new PC (even those Windows is recognizing it as my PC default Audio output!!).

Its driving me crazy - Have tried reinstalling both Cubase and Roland. Cant redownload drivers for Roland interface on Windows 10. Getting really stumped for ideas now, or even where to look!! :cry:

Welcome !

The fact that your unit is recognized by your Windows installation isn’t actually related to how Cubase deal with it, as the latter requires an interface ASIO driver to work with. So, in which way isn’t it ‘connected/recognized’ by Cubase ? In all cases, the first thing I would check is this (Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System pane) :

What do you have in the ASIO Driver setting ? According to the Rubix Reference pdf file, it should be something like ASIO Roland Rubix. If not, something has been missing during the driver installation.

This said, could you also post screenshots of the Inputs and Outputs panes of your Studio>Audio Connections window ?