Audio Interface / Portable Recorders / Zoom H4N Pro

My new portable recorder, Zoom H4N Pro has adjustable multi-track (4) capability, headphone monitoring… It can also be connected as an audio interface to my PC running Cubase. But, I don’t understand the advantage of that verses simply copying files into Cubase and editing post recording. Is this just a matter of work flow preference?

What am I missing?

Here’s my situation:
I just upgraded from an old Zoom H2 to a new Zoom H2N Pro. The purchase included Cubase LE Al Elements 9 and Wavelab LE 9 64Bit. I have no experience using either software.

I have always captured sounds with a portable recorder directly onto an SD card and then copied the audio files from the card to my pc. I’ve typically used Sound Forge, Acid and Sony Vegas Pro as my pc DAW system. I use the audio in video production and music cds.

On another subject: The Zoom H4N Pro also has a number of different audio effects (50 presets) that can be applied to individual track inputs. Again, I don’t understand the advantage of that verses adding effects post recording using Acid, Vegas or Cubase. It seems to be a disadvantage because the recording would be stuck with the effect applied during input.

Your thoughts?

I’d be happy to put the effort into a new way of doing things if there is some advantage to be gained.