Audio Interface Setup for Artist Series

I have been SLOWLY migrating from a hybrid setup to an ITB setup. My current set up is 1 Control MC, 1 Transport & 2 Artist Mix using my DA7 desk as the audio interface via my RME RayDat card. The setup I’m moving to will have 4 8ch mic pres feeding an Orion 32 Ch ADDA converter going to a still to be determined summing box/monitor (SPL Mix Dream is the strongest contender so far) unit to feed 2 pair of stereo monitors and a 5.1 surround monitor system.

Right now, I’m having the hardest time figuring out how to set this up. There is nothing in the Artist Series Manuals on how to connect this stuff. I watched several Nuage Tutorials on setting up the sound cards with the Nuage hardware. I figured the process would be similar. But I can’t get the setup window in the MC Control to show any indication that it sees the output of my RME card.

Could one of you take me through the setup process step by step (N7 Studio Control Side, then MC Control side)? It seems to me that my MC Control SHOULD be seeing my N7 Studio CR output settings now, without the external mic pres, ADDA & audio to monitors interface, right? My N7 Control Room settings show a pair of HR 824s and my Equator 5.1. So my MC setup page should see that, right?

I thought it might not be seeing it because I didn’t have the STUDIO MONITOR EXPRESS app loaded. But Avid says that nobody is using that anymore and I should be able to make this connection without it. It would’ve been nice if they’d filled in the HOW. But that’s Avid for you, hence my question here. Can anybody talk me through this? Use small precise declarative sentences please (LOL)! :question: :slight_smile:

Hey, Keyplayer!
Interesting that AVID should tell you you don’t need SME anymore. I have no idea how monitor control via that thing is supposed to work otherwise.
It should be either that or Mackie Control emulation, but then I think you can’t use EuCon functionality simultaneously…
I don’t use either my Artist Mix for setting monitor levels nor Nuendo’s control room function for monitoring, but I will try setting it up on Tuesday and give you some heads up, if nobody replies before…

Thanks so much for your reply. I’ve got SME. So I’m going to install it and see if that solves the issue. BTW, what do you use for monitoring?