Audio Interface Setup Issues

Hey guys,

Ok, so, I’ve got Cubase 4 Essentials on a Windows Vista laptop and I’m trying to (re)connect my interface, which is a Liquid Saffire 56, so that I can use a Baby Bottle mic for recording. This is what I used to use and I’ve had no problems with it before (besides wrestling with the initial setup). I can see that the program is receiving the audio input when I set everything up with VST connections and such, but I haven’t been able to reference the sound (making editing close to impossible). The closest I’ve gotten is referencing the input directly through the interface (but the programs is cut out of the loop; no equalizer, plug-ins, etc). Based on that, it makes me think I’ve set the output up incorrectly, even though I’ve tried making every output active with no luck. Any suggestions? It’s probably an interface configuration issue, and I’m pretty sure that’s not supported by steinberg, but if you guys have any suggestions on what to troubleshoot with cubase, that would be great.

(Yes, everything is updated.)

Thanks --Abe

Note that you can not hear an audio track when monitor is on, just like you can’t hear what you are recording when it is off.