audio interface to Steinberg PCI soundcard

Hi there musiclovers,

I am very interested to buy some Steinberg hard- and software to play/record guitar on my PC. To connect my guitar/instrument to the PC i want to use an audio interface (Roland tri-capture) now i know this interface has got a ‘line out output’ and i wonder if i can connect this directly to the (internal) Steinberg RME ST24/96 PCI soundcard. See also the attachment. I want to connect it this way because as far as i know it’s the only way to let it work with the online program/studio of I hope i explained good enough (english is not my motherlanguage) thanks in advance.

Schema Guitar2PC.jpg

Yes, you can connect them as you illustrated, but WHY?

Your Roland is an audio interface with ASIO drivers just like ST24. What do you need the ST24 for?

Like Jarno said, why do you need the PCI card at all? Can’t you just connect your speakers to the lineout on the Roland audio interface?
It’s always better to use 1 audiointerface instead of 2 simultaneously. Especially since in Cubase you can only use 1 at the time anyway, using the official drivers.

Thanks for you quick replies, i’ll try to explain why. The main problem is that i also want to use the online program (Mantis) from to record my songs. The problem i have now (using the Behringer guitar link ucg102) is that i cannot get the signal to the program (Mantis). Only when i use the headphones out (sorry that’s all the guitar link has got) to the mic in on my internal pc card i have a signal that i can record on Mantis, giving me another problem that the latency & sound quality is terrible. I plan to buy a good interface/usb soundcard to make the connection to my PC. I just don’t know how to fix the problems i experience now to record with ‘Mantis’ online.

Hope i explained good enough, maybe i got it all wrong but that’s why i’m here for. Thanks in advance and have a great musical weekend! :sunglasses:

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I couldn’t find much info on this indaba online DAW, but as far as I can see, your Roland audio interface should be able to do all that you want already. This is probably more a question for the Mantis forum, on how to configure your soundcard in the application. You have to find a way to switch from using your onboard audio input for recording to the USB input from the Roland.

Thanks for all comments & help, i’ll close this topic now and move on to the Indabamusic forums to figure that part out.

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