Audio interface with cubasis


I’m using a Behringer Xenyx 1204usb audio interface, but with cubasis I can’t get any sound. It works fine with auria and other apps, but not with cubasis. The input gain don’t work as well when connecting the audio interface.
Can you help me please?

Yes i have the same problem with yahmaha Audiogram… it works fine in music studio but cubasis does not work with it… not sure why this would happen… it was suggested to check that allow microphone was enabled which it already was so that was not the solution(but it needs to be enabled either way)

What about some help from Steinberg?


thanks for choosing Cubasis and sorry to hear it is not working right away. We do not have that device available and unfortunately can not test them all, to assure it is working. That is also part of the manufacture, because Cubasis is supposed to work with any Class compliant device. Yours seems to full fill those requirements but I would need you to contact Behringer directly regarding this issue. You can tell them, we would be happy to get in touch directly afterwards and provide them with Cubasis if necessary. You can send me any contact information via private message.

Hope that helps!


Thank you. I’ll try that

What is the Cubasis audio interface supported by Android?