Audio interface

My old M-Audio Firewire 410 has bitten the dust.
Any suggestions/expereince with a not-to-pricey, low-latency replacement?
(Just bumped up to Cubase 7 (on WIN 7) and am anxious to
have at it.)



What are your requirements for ins and outs and what is your budget…a cash amount rather than a vague concept of budget :laughing:

M-Audio ProFire 610.

the best is : Cubase 7 + UR824

Internal PCIe cards are faster than anything else… hence going the HDSPe route myself…

RME stuff is ROCK SOLID too!! not the cheapest unfortunately but it doesn’t let you down!

if your looking for something that’s half rack like the m audio consider looking at the motu ultralite hybrid , very good little interface with 14 inputs ,10 outputs and rock solid drivers for about £450

I can see we are all over the map in the choice of brands.
I heard some good things about it, so I’m going to test out the Focusrite PRO 24 and see how that does.

Thanks everyone. I’ll post my impressions of it after a few sessions. (Hasn’t arrived yet.)


It depends on your needs. If you do everything ITB and only need 2-channel audio, look no further than the RME Babyface (and later you can still expand it via ADAT link, if the need arises…) Pristine audio quality, superb preamps and, most importantly, the most stable drivers in the industry. Truly install and forget (well, except for when you update the drivers, of course…) It’s not exactly cheap at $650, but it’s totally worth it.

If you need multiple analog channels and/or more than two preamps, then RME gets very expensive (even though IMHO it’s still totally worth it.) In that case I suggest a Roland/Cakewalk Octa-capture (8-channels, about $600) or the new Studio-Capture if you need 16 (about $1,000.)

Focusrite interfaces are nice and they do have good audio quality, but their drivers are not even in the same universe as those from Roland, let alone those from RME. But if the Scarlett 18i20 works on your system, I doubt you’ll find a better bargain for your $$$ (or Euros, or Pounds or whatever…) At only about $500, it’s unbeatable for what it offers.

What, No one likes MOTU anymore? :nerd:

me me me me me !!!

:laughing: lol…I see, I see… :nerd:

I think you’ll like the PRO 24. It’s basically a “mini” version of the PRO 40, which I’ve been using with Cubase 7 with no issues (64-bit Windows 7).