Audio interface

I’m looking to purchase an audio interface. I’m using Cubase Elements 7. I only need a 2 mic preamp. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I read about the ur22. I’m curious what others are available.

Aloha j


RME ‘Babyface’

Absolutely concur: Babyface. Best 2-channel interface on the market, period. And if one day you decide you need more channels, you can always expand it up to 10 channels, via optical link.

Oh, and if Babyface is out of your price range ($750), then my next suggestion would be for the Focusrite Scarlett line (starting from about $150), which IMHO gives you the best quality and the best value at the low-end of the market.

Hi all,

The Steinberg CI 1 usb audio interface gets my vote for a home studio application!
Its simple to use and very well priced plus it has the Steinberg back up!

Jim B

Really happy with my UR22 for whatever it’s worth

CI2+ is a great little Steinberg jobby and you have the bonus of the AI controller thrown in … of course it all comes down to your price range

+1 for Babyface if funds allow!