Audio Interface

Hi Y’all
I have an audio interface > Roland Duo Capture Ex
When i go to Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System
Shouldn’t the name of the interface or something like that appear in ASIO Driver? Coz all i can select from ASIO driver is ASIO4ALL and Generic Low Latency Asio Driver.

Any advice plz?

Most likely, your interface should have an ASIO driver provided by the manufacturer. You will probably need to install it yourself, however. Check the Roland support website for that product and see if they have a download for an ASIO driver for your OS.

I do believe there a some products (Behringer?) that do not provide a driver and simply direct the consumer to ASIO4ALL.

Best to check your product’s support website.

Roland should have a driver for your OS and yes, it needs to be installed before it will show up in Cubase.

All i had to do was to re install the driver…thanks guys :arrow_right: ( jaslan - NorthWood MediaWorks )
Thnx for the link NorthWood MediaWorks …Now it shows up in ASIO Driver :slight_smile: