Audio into VST Connect gets cut off when trying to record

Been using VST Connect Pro for a few years now with Great success. Was doing a successful session yesterday. (was even able to record lossless audio right into Cubase from the Netherlands to BC Canada! (yeah, his upload speed is incredible_- very impressed with VST Connect!) Tried to resume our session today, and for some reason, when I try to record the performer, the track records, but the audio gets “shut off” or bypassed until I hit stop, and the audio comes back (so I end up recording an empty track. I’ve checked to make sure the VST Connect plugin is on thre VST Connect input channel, (and enabled). The Performer track’s input is VST Connect, like it should be, and I get audio into the input channel just fine, but as soon as I try to record or playback, the audio is gone I don’t know if it’s a Win 11 pro update that did it, or something else. I don’t believe it was an update, bc when i checked for Windows updates immediately after, there were updates waiting to download, so i did, rebooted, tried the session again, still no audio when record, or even playback. Very odd. I closed Cubase 13 pro, and opened C12 pro, same thing. I just don’t get it. Everything was working great yesterday. Anyone have any clues? Musicullum? Did i inadvertently click a button somewhere to make it behave like this? I’m at a loss.
PS, We’ve tried every resolution, down to the lowest vid and audio. Makes no difference. It’s like the record or playback attempt overrides the audio coming in to VST Connect.

Not easy to analyse. As VST Connect has not changed, you’ll have to look elsewhere.
In general, recording is not much of a big deal for CPU etc, but file handling - that is, what the system and storage medium drivers etc do - can get in the way, so that would be what to look out for.

In general, increasing buffer size has almost no negative effect but often helps to solve timing problems, so you may try that on either side. For the Performer, it makes no difference when using direct monitoring; if you use HD file recording, the Performer end is probably the most critical system to watch out for. Hope that helps.

Agreed, I wouldn’t suspect VST Connect would change overnight. Wondering if there was some tiny button somewhere I accidentally clicked, or something. My next option would be to do a Win 11 update roll back to see if that fixes anything. But before that, I’ll try to find someone else to try a session with and see if it behaves the same way.

So, I tried VST Connect Pro with a local friend, same thing happened. Audio gets cut off when trying to record or layback. I hit the “rest\et” button at the bottom of the VST Connect plugin, which reset my video buffer back to 128kb and it works. I remember us trying the highest video setting just to see how well our connection was between BC Canada and the Netherlands, and when I switched the video buffer setting back to 128 in the dropdown menu. it seems to have not set it to that buffer. You have t hit the reset button at the bottom of the plugin to put everything back to default fore everything to work again. Merely changing the video buffer setting back to 128 in the dropdown menu is not sufficient from my experience.