Audio is recording out of sync

This is my first time recording audio properly in Cubase and I’ve come across a complete impasse of a problem. Whenever I record audio it ends up recording out of sync with the track (and metronome). I can fix the issue by moving the audio track about 12ms FORWARD. In other words the recording is early.

The only solution I have found is to enable “Constrain delay compensation” when recording. But this seems like a real problem. Even now with only 3-4 plugins in place the audio records out of sync and since I write, and produce as I go, I simply can’t record without vsts enabled.

I have a good machine with 10 cores and 64gb of ram, and right now only have 3 instruments open (Superior Drummer 3, zebra2, bx_oberhausen), and 3 tracks of audio. I’m not doing anything taxing and my CPU never goes above 20% usage.

My buffer is 1024 and I’m running in 96/24 on an RME UFX+

Regardless of my buffer and the number of vsts enabled, I should be able to record audio in sync shouldn’t I?

Any help is appreciated.

Do you have ASIO guard enabled? If so what happens if you turn it off? If not, try turning it on?

Failing that I saw this in the past being caused by one particular plugin (I can’t remember which I’m afraid and I think I ditched it). It was apparently reporting an incorrect delay compensation to the program which was hence putting the audio out of sync.
Also if any plugins are just bypassed rather than disabled (Alt-click) this might cause this problem (I saw this with Sonarworks Reference once).

The fact that enabling “Constrain Delay Compensation” does suggest to me it is plugin/VST related in some way.
What happens if you record audio with no plugins or Virtual Instruments? If you’re only using a few it shouldn’t be hard to work out which one.